Public Space – choreography – dance

January 8, 2015

Public Space

January 5, 2015

Public Space represents a reflection on the foetus in the mediatic representation and, as a consequence, on the body of women which, during the pregnancy, becomes a “public space”. Public Space is not a work on abortion or against abortion: this work is placed outside and, in a certain sense, “before” this kind of debate. […]

370 new world

January 5, 2015

370 New World is a work on the new solitude created by the economic and social crisis which crossed the whole Europe in the last ten years. The human isolation which is displayed to the spectator is, by now, part of the everyday life of many people. The author thus introduces his creative work as […]

Voli d’arte

January 5, 2015

Voli d’arte is the project of a journey on the wings of creativity in the area of Lucca. The traditional promotional messages are undoubtely useful to describe such a complex and rich region but the contribution of the arts represents an undeniable surplus, able to improve the perception of this area as a place where […]

KOSKI – estratto

January 5, 2015

Koski – extract A new performance created by Henna Kaikula, Julian Wong, Jacob Cartwright, Guy Dowsett. Koski Festival production of art Bagni di Lucca direction of the video: Marcantonio Lunardi