Obsession – Tania Giannouli Ensemble (Transcendence rattle records)

Obsession – Tania Giannouli Ensemble (Transcendence rattle records)

Transcendence: going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding.
Transcendence is a suite of compositions that reflect on themes of Time, Life andCreation based
on impressions and experiences during hard times: the essential and the trivial; lies and
illusions; change and responsibility; action and reaction; light and darkness; beauty,
emptiness, faith, and fear. For me, this music reflects on a wild and crazy world that surely
cannot be all there is, and nostalgia for an as yet unknown happy future. Above all, this album
is about my motherland.


  • Size: hd 1920x1080
  • Originale format: 16:9
  • Time: 06' 03
  • Language: no
  • Subtitle: no
  • Sound: stereo


Tania Giannouli, 2015

cinematographer: Ilaria Sabbatini
Actors: Marianna Perilli, Roberto Corso, Angelica Maccanti

TRANSCENDENCE (Rattle records, 2015)
Tania Giannouli Ensemble

Tania Giannouli (piano)
Alexandros Botinis (cello)
Guido de Flaviis (saxophones)
Solis Barki (percussion,idiophones)

Recorded by Philip Marinelis at Smart Audio Services
Edited and mixed Costas Bokos at Studio 19st
Mastered by Steve Garden
Photographs by Ilias Bourgiotis
Design by Unklefranc