The world of Caspar

The world of Caspar

The picture by Caspar David Friedrich represents a a wanderer contemplating a sea of fog. The painter’s purposeis to represent the wanderer as the personification of the romantic intellectual, overcome with the sense of the abyss in front of Nature and of the Absolute. Lunardi reinterprets this work of art in a post-modern romantic perspective and the wanderer thus becomes a flaneur able to recreate with his imagination a whole steampunk universe. This work, where Lunardi plays with Friedrich’s painting, represents a tribute to the infinite potential of human creativity. In Lunardi’s opinion, Caspar himself is projected in his painting. The videoartists imagines the painter who, leaving everything behind, pushes himself up to the limits of the unknown. His will to overcome this limit is represented by the eagle’s call which with its call suggests the idea of an unaccessible scenery and of the wanderer’s solitude. However, as soon as Caspar stops to contemplate that foggy world, the horizon is filled up with his imagination’s unlikely creations: pedal board hot air-baloons, propeller airships, flying ships. Caspar is able to see further words: it is not clear wether they represent the future, a paralel universe or a reality which comes alive from his imagination. His vision is a delicate state of grace which lasts only a moment, just the time of a sigh.




  • Size: hd
  • Originale format: 16:9
  • Time: 01':50"
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  • Sound: stereo