Voli d’arte

Voli d’arte

Voli d’arte is the project of a journey on the wings of creativity in the area of Lucca. The traditional promotional messages are undoubtely useful to describe such a complex and rich region but the contribution of the arts represents an undeniable surplus, able to improve the perception of this area as a place where the wellbeing balances between history, art and culture. The documentary makes a flight, through a tale of images, travelling in the physical as well as in the creative dimension, with those who actually realise art in Lucca. The territory of Lucca, with its scents of oil and wine, with its strong and refined tastes, with its soft shapes and the opulent nature has always attracted painters, writers, sculptors, musicians who, in this land, have found nourishment for their arts, a fertile place of suggestions and incentives. Scholars such as Petroni, Quasimodo, Ungaretti, Tobino visited the city of Lucca enriching it with their sensibilities and enriching themselves as well with the local history and culture. Musicians like Boccherini, Catalani and Puccini wrote their works surrounded by the green of the hills, the orange of the XVI Century walls, the white of the romanic marbles. Artists such as Botero, Folon and Yasuda created a deep dialogue with the local craftsmen to shape their works blowing in them the vital essence of this land. Lucca became unaware an art source due to its natural attitude to the reception, which has sometimes been neglected but never truly forgotten, due to the presence of incredibly gifted craftmanships- the sculptors and the casters of Pietrasantino, the plasterers of Lucca and the “figurinai” of the Valle del Serchio. And this is the deep desire which lies beneath the project Voli d’Arte: it’s the will to give back to the territory of Lucca the awareness of its inextinguishable nature of womb. Why choosing Lucca? Why wanting to leave part of oneself to this land? These are the themes that Voli d’Arte wants to investigate through the documentary. The three artists that have been involved become the witnesses of their own condition of citizens and at the same time bridges between Lucca and the rest of the world. This tale is an intimate conversation between the human being and the land, an ancient dialogue on the coexistance of cultures, a personal confession on the mixture of incentives and emotions which have flourished from this humus.


  • Originale format: 16:9
  • Time: 29':33
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: Italian
  • Sound: stereo



Marcantonio Lunardi

director of photography
Ilaria Sabbatini


Kathleen Dunne - kathleendunnepaintings.com/
Karen Wilberding Diefenbach - karenwilberdingdiefenbach.com
Inger Sannes - inger-sannes.com


Naima Fornaci
Antonella Gemignani


Giulia Negrello

Sound engineers:
Flavio Innocenti
Giovanni Ghezzi
Luca Matteucci
Redroom Recording Studio (Pisa)


Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca

in collaboration with

Fondazione Centro Studi Ragghianti
fondazioneragghianti.it/ Aeroporto di Capannori S.p.A.
aeroportocapannori.it/ Bonaldi Marisa

Special Thanks

Studio SEM - Pietrasanta - LU
Colin Tweedy and Campbell Gray
Scuola di Volo Endrio Ceccarelli - Lucca
Salvatore Castiglione
Eugenio Baronti
Giorgio Giorgi
Giacomo Bini
Giacomo Verde
Giuseppe Caniparoli
Antonella Conti
Anna Sabbatini
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