It is well known that man has tried for long to control nature in all of its aspects. Our species has passed from controlling and diverting the river flow to trying to control the natural processes themselves, in order to improve whole areas of our planet. This necessity of controlling, which seems neutral if applied in the respect of the equilibriums, has lead us, in the current age, to think that technology is one of the laic dogmas on which to found our future. Technology in itself it is neither good nor evil: everything depends upon the modalities and the aims for which it is used. Nowadays, all of its efforts seem to be intended to create the better possible world, where the products of nature are the result of man’s mind and not of an evolutionary process which had lasted thousands of years. However, despite this nature is, and remains, unpredictable so much that the order so hardly built can be destroyed in a moment. Every natural disaster can trigger a chain reaction as in the case of Fukushima. A situation which seemed under control that has been proved wrong by the flames of the nuclear reactor which which touched the skies, diffusing in the air a radioactive fall-out which frustrated all of our “certainties”. Matter is, one ends up considering “certainties” for instance the food to survive in the shelters but also an unnatural sociality where the families, the so called “bricks” of the community, are like pieces of an artificial human puzzle. The feminine voice which accompanies the film is that of a speaker of 1960 where, in the film “civil defense family fallout shelters”, gives to the American audience all the instruction to protect oneself from the radioactive return in case of a nuclear war against the URSS.


  • Originale format: 16:9
  • Time: 03':03
  • Language: English
  • Subtitle: italian
  • Sound: stereo



Marcantonio Lunardi

director of photography
Ilaria Sabbatini

Henna Kaikula
Julian Renlong Wong

Giulia Negrello

Sound engineers:
Flavio Innocenti
Giovanni Ghezzi
Luca Matteucci

Redroom Recording Studio (Pisa)

Marco Bertini
Bagni di Lucca Art Festival

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